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  When I Start To Play
Our latest creative effort. Feel the passion, taste the rhythms of your spirit through drums and percussion (all played by hands). This CD is a modern interpretation of Africa, The Caribbean, New Orleans, Brazil and Cuba. With positive english lyrics, melodic mbiras and marimba. Listen to it on cdbaby.com. $15.00
  Universal Healing
The journey begins; included songs are We Are All One Family, Our Sacred Earth, A Celebration of Life, Live in Love. Experience power of the healing drums (all played by hands) melodic sounds of the mbiras, sultry vocals, and a mounatin of mesmerizing percussion on 2 CDs. You will be inspired to reach your highest potential through love. Listen to it on cdbaby.com. The 2 CD set is now only $19.99
Percussion music for dance, exercise and aerobics included songs are Harmony, Jubilation, Legacy, Gratitude. A one of kind CD, percussion music for dance, exercise and aerobics is raw and fresh. With rhythms from the African diaspora featuring sacred drums (all played by hands) and original chants. Your soul journey begins. Listen to it on cdbaby.com. Now only $12.99

HomeHeritage O.P.About UsConcertsWorkshopsReviewsScrapbook

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