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Performance, lecture and demonstration: Celebrate Rhythm
Educational, fun and inspiring, Heritage takes it's audience on a rhythmic journey full of call and response chanting and hands-on experience with percussion instruments from Africa and the diaspora. History and culture are passed on through Heritage's drum driven music.

Percussion workshop: The African-American Rhythm Tradition
This workshop focuses on learning and playing the rhythms that are at the root of popular African-American musical styles such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Rhythm and Blues. Bring your own drum, bell, rattle or tambourine.

Instrument construction workshop
Learn to make creative and traditional percussion instruments. This is one of the most exciting ways to share and employ concepts of physics, math, art, social studies and music. Among the instruments included are mbira, rattles and drums.

Drum Circle
Experience the healing energy of communal drumming as Heritage conducts drum circles for any occasion. All levels are welcome. Bring your own drum!

Group or individual percussion instruction
Classes can be provided for all levels for the following instruments: drum (djembe, conga, bongo); shekere; kalimba/mbira; berimbau; and a variety of other percussion.